(Even the big ones.)

Find out what your loudest emotions are right now and learn what they might be signposting for you! 

Meet The Emotions

From the book and educational curriculum, My Mama Says Inside Me Lives a Village, by Nadine Levitt, come these charming characters and the revolutionary method they reveal.

“My daughter absolutely LOVED the
Emotion Wonderland Quiz!

“She was so excited to go through each question, looking at each picture before carefully choosing her answer. She was even more excited to learn at the end of the quiz that she was an excited duck! I loved the descriptions on the results page as this also provided me with the tools on how to support this emotion. This was such an easy and fun tool to talk about our emotions - so fun, that she has been asking to do it again every day!”


When your child has big emotions, as a parent or caregiver, you know how meaningful it is to have a conversation about what they’re feeling.

You want to help them understand their often confusing jumble of emotions as easily as possible.

Because the truth is…

Angry, awkward, grateful or grouchy, there’s a village of emotion inside them and you

Even if it feels like the loudest ones run the show, guess what - that’s not true; the others have a voice too.

Learn which emotions are the loudest in your village right now, and discover what they might be signposting for you.

…What many are calling the perfect tools for parents, teachers and professionals, and total game-changer for how we talk to kids about their feelings.

If You Want to Help Your Child:

  • Become aware of what messages their emotions are trying to deliver
  • Discover the groups of emotions visiting them today - and each day
  • Learn a new vocabulary for their feelings and emotions
  • Gain self-confidence, self-awareness and self regulation

The FREE Quiz if Your First Step to All These and More!

In 10 fun-filled minutes or less, your child will begin to identify and name their emotions, and start a meaningful conversation about how our feelings work!

“Emotional intelligence is such a foundational skill for a happy successful life. Understanding how you, and those around you, are feeling fosters more meaningful relationships, helps guide more responsible decision making, and even helps with self regulation and management skills needed for academic and professional success”

- Founder & CEO, Nadine Levitt

Education expert, author, and creator of Emotion Wonderland, Nadine believes in leveraging the power of play for comprehensive, evidence-based social and emotional learning.

Nadine Levitt, is the Leading Global Emotional Intelligence Expert who specializes in early childhood development and K-12 education. Nadine helps parents start meaningful conversations around emotions in a fun and effective way. 

As an author, music artist, lawyer, gifted entrepreneur and parent, Nadine understands first-hand the complexities of early childhood development and feels compelled to lead a revolution for her children and future generations. In addition to her prolific speaking, media and philanthropy work, Nadine sits on the national board of Little Kids Rock, is on the social justice taskforce Catalyst for Change, is a member of the NAfME Roundtable, and is the Founder of the Ed-Tech platform WURRLYedu, My Mama Says and PD Reimagined, all of which are elevating and revolutionizing the way we teach and parent our children.

Nadine has been featured on BBC, Fox Houston, Scary Mommy, TedX Austin, WMBC, Mom.com, Thrive Global and more for her expertise in education and emotional intelligence.


Her innovative philosophy encourages children and their caregivers to

identify, acknowledge, and direct 

all their emotions. She teaches that: 

  • Emotions do not control us, (and we do not control them), they are simply messengers!
  • Emotions never come alone, they come in groups and like a watercolor painting, they influence each other, so it's important to look past the loudest emotion to see what is really going on.

The Emotion Wonderland quiz will help your child discover what group of emotions have come to visit today, allowing them to slow down, reflect, and notice what messages the emotions are trying to deliver today. 

“My 6-year-old and I took the quiz tonight, and she was super engaged!”

“Her results said she was feeling goofy, cuddly, and calm. We had a great conversation about why she felt those emotions at the time, and why, although she got "goofy" as a result, she thought that wasn't quite so true since it was just before bedtime. Either way, as a mom, it was so nice to have a directed, positive (and neutral!) way to discuss feelings. She brought up times she felt certain emotions recently without me prompting her, which led to even more conversations. I can see how this will help foster a great, shared vocabulary around feelings in our family.”


The fun and engaging questions serve as an effective tool to help your child identify and name their emotions, and start meaningful conversations about how our feelings really work!

Take the quiz now to explore your very own Emotion Wonderland: